This is a question I get asked a lot, ‘what is Reiki?’. On the surface it sounds like a simple question that should have a simple answer. Well, let me tell you, I have struggled to give an answer that I feel really explains what Reiki is. For example, I’ve been wanting to write this blog about Reiki for months and every time I came to put pen to paper, my mind goes blank. Now its not because I don’t know what Reiki energy is, Reiki is exactly that, its an energy, the universal life force energy. Having a Reiki treatment allows you to absorb more life force energy. It works through your entire being, vitalising your life force and balancing your energies. It is gentle, it is safe, it is non-intrusive. It harmonises all aspects of you – mind, body, emotions and spirit – and it can encourage personal awareness and spiritual growth.

The reason why I struggle to explain further what Reiki is, is for this reason – Reiki is different for each and every person. I have had the pleasure of delivering Reiki to many different people, and each and every one of them have had a completely unique and entirely personal experience. No treatment is or has been the same. Which is what makes it wonderful.

So next time you ask me what Reiki is, if I stumble over my words, this is why – Reiki is a beautiful life force energy that will be channelled to you during the treatment, and your experience of this energy is completely yours. I can tell you what Reiki energy is, but what Reiki is for you will be your amazing discovery . There are any number of sensations, emotions, thoughts, feelings that may emerge during your treatment. If that feels overwhelming at times, surrender and remember, when you are in the hands of Reiki you are safe and nurtured. Reiki energy will always work for your highest good and will only flow to the places in you that you are ready for it to go to.

So, come and discover what Reiki is for you. Embrace it and see where it takes you. Start your Reiki journey.