Reiki and Massage

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How often do you stop. How often to you stop to listen, truly listen and give yourself the space to hear what you truly need and crave and long for? How often do you give yourself nurture and care? Self care and self love are not undeserved pleasures, they are vital to our well-being. I ask you now, when was the last time you truly gave yourself what you needed? When did you last show yourself the love and compassion that you show to others. Ask yourself, dear one. And truly listen for the answer.

What I offer is with you in mind. Solely for you. We will embark on a journey together, as equals. You are invited to step into a space where you can relax, deeply relax, feel safe and let go. A place where you can knit together the fragmented bits of you as you connect to your deep wisdom and inner power you hold. With the space to deeply listen and deeply feel. What happens within this space and beyond this space is your journey. It’s your experience. It’s your truth.


Body massage

Body massage is a great way to relieve stress and tension from your physical self. It eases out the kinks and promotes a sense of well-being. I use Swedish techniques to release tightness and to encourage relaxation.

60 min full body £45

40 mins half body £35

Indian head massage

During this massage treatment, the head, neck and shoulders are the sole focus. I work over these areas and energy centres, encouraging blockages to be released, tension to melt away and balance to be restored.

30-40mins £35


Reiki is an energy. The world is made up of energy. Reiki energy, or life force energy nourishes and sustains all living things, including us. When this energy flows we feel balanced and in harmony. If the flow of energy becomes restricted or blocked, we can become unbalanced.

Reiki is a hands on healing treatment, the energy will go to where it needs to go within you. Many experience a sense of peace and deep relaxation during a treatment.

60 mins £40

30 min follow up appointments £30

Treatment info

Please contact me to make a booking.

A free 15 minute consultation is given for intial massage treatments.

Please note if less than 24hrs notice of cancellation is given, the full treatment price may be charged.

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