Movement is good for the body, stillness is good for the mind

– Sakyong Mipham –


Hello and welcome dear one. I’m Isla, and i’m passionate about guiding you to tune in, connect and rediscover. To awaken the remembering of what it is to be truly and authentically you. We each have a beautiful uniqueness, an expression like no other. I believe that from a place of deep listening, inner reflection and connection, a place where you are rooted and flow from, life can flourish through you. 

I believe the body has its own wisdom and magic. Allowing your body to move in a soft, natural, flowing way has more benefit to your own natural rhythm and harmony than forcing your body into the ‘ideal’ of a yoga pose.

There is no perfect way, there is only your way.  By truly accepting where you are you discover your own beautiful uniqueness and your amazing potential. you come home to yourself.  So come, come move, come soften, come breathe, and most of all, come be you.


“allow the pose to work for you, not you work for the yoga pose”


Within the yoga class, I invite you to explore your own range of movement, become aware of what is being felt on all levels, physically, mentally and emotionally. Held within a safe, nurturing space you are free to connect to your own expression, in an easy and relaxed way.

I have a saying ‘allow the pose to work for you, not you work for the yoga pose’.

Come to yoga as you and not as someone trying to fit an ideal. An authentic practice connects you to your truth and potential.



The body is a great way to connect to the mind, spirit and emotional self.

I see the body as a doorway, that is always moving to show you and guide you on your journey. It speaks a language that only you can hear and contains deep wisdom. Our bodies are our sacred home. If we learn how to listen to it we can lead healthier, happier, fulfilled lives.

Massage treatments and Reiki sessions are ways of connecting to your body to allow you to dive deeper into your being, bringing all aspects of you together. Unifying, harmonising, whole.

“I unify all aspects of me together in harmony”

What is iYoga



The word yoga is a Sanskrit word. It means to ‘unify’.

Through what I offer, you can harmonise your mind, body and spirit.

‘i yoga’ means ‘i unify’. I unify all aspects of me together in harmony. 


Isla has a natural gift for healing and understanding others. It shines through in the way she teaches yoga, with a focus on the student and their personal journey. Combining this with one of her reiki or massage treatments, can help to free yourself from whatever tensions you maybe holding… If you haven’t already, I highly recommend trying one of Isla’s treatments and discovering for yourself. Thank you Isla

Had reiki with Isla today, it was quite an experience! Would recomend to any that is willing to seek into there true self  Thank you Sam xx

Today I had my second session of Reiki with Isla, it's been a truly transformative experience, I feel lighter after she has helped me release a lot of old energy and now we are delving deeper to shift energy from past lives. Isla has helped me feel like myself again, and I'm able to address some deep rooted issues within a safe space. I can't recommend the treatment enough. X x x

Isla is a wonderful yoga instructor, really in tune to the needs of her class, happy to stretch us when we're energetic or help us heal with more restorative sessions if we're low key. Cannot recommend highly enough!

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